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About LivWell

Can I use my new medical application paperwork?

New Colorado medical patients are able to shop up to 35 days with their new application and valid form of ID. Patients who recently renewed their medical card must wait for the new card to come in the mail before shopping. Please note: if your old medical card is still valid you may shop with that until you receive the new one or until the old one expires.

What do I do if my pet ingests marijuana?

If you suspect that your pet has ingested marijuana, call your vet IMMEDIATELY. Signs of intoxication include extreme fatigue (they may even become comatose), anxiety, slower heart rate, red or dilated eyes, and loss of bladder control.

Can I give marijuana as a gift?

Yes. As long as you are a Colorado resident and your friend is 21 or older, you can gift up to one ounce of marijuana.


*  Restrictions may apply to out of state visitors.

I’m not a Colorado resident. Can I still buy recreational marijuana?

Yes you can. Out-of-state residents are limited to purchasing 1 ounce (28 grams) of marijuana during any one visit.

Recreational vs. Medical marijuana, what’s the difference?

Although medical marijuana patients can purchase up to 2 ounces of medicine during any one visit, while recreational marijuana limits for in-state and out-of-state customers are limited to 1 ounce (28 grams), respectively, there is no difference between the actual marijuana medical patients and recreational customers can buy. On any given day, we may have a different selection of cannabis available for medical and recreational, but the quality of the marijuana is the same across our shelves.

Are LivWell dispensaries medical, recreational, or both?

LivWell is a premiere Medical and Recreational Marijuana Company with locations throughout Colorado – 4 dual medical/recreational & 4 medical-only. A full list of our locations and contact info is available on our Locations page. LivWell offers recreational sales to customers 21 and over with a valid form of ID at the following locations: Broadway, Evans, Larimer, and Garden City.

What’s the difference between Gold and Platinum shelf flower?

LivWell offers two grades of high-quality cannabis. Our Gold shelf flower has larger buds that receive two rounds of trimming, the flower on our Gold Shelf has a higher terpene content than the pre-pack flower as well as a higher degree of trichome development. Gold shelf flower is cured for approximately 12 to 14 days. The flower on our Platinum Shelf is among the best money can buy. Platinum buds are hang-dried and skillfully manicured by hand. The flower you’ll find on our Platinum Shelf has the highest terpene content and the highest degree of trichome development, making it a feast for the eyes, nose, and palette. Cured for approximately 14 to 20 days, the Platinum Shelf is beloved by the most astute cannaseurs. Check out our Flower Prices page for a more detailed explanation, and then visit our strains section for a small sampling of the high quality flower that LivWell offers.

Do you have any specials?

LivWell offers a wide variety of Recreational flower, edibles, accessories and much more at industry-leading prices. Check out our promotions page to view a few of our current specials. Please note that promotions are available for select strains, while supplies last and cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

What strains do you carry?

LivWell strives to maintain a wide selection of premium cannabis at all locations. Some common strains you’ll see in stores include but are not limited to: 303 Kush, Kosher Kush, Zeta Sage, Northern Lights, Alien Inferno, Sin Mint & many more. Visit our Strains page for information on all of LivWell’s strains, including detailed descriptions, cannabinoid and terpene profiles, and more.

What is LivWell Rewards?

With LivWell Rewards, our customer loyalty program, you earn one point for every $1.00 you spend. Every 100 points earns you $5 towards future in-store purchases. Rewards members also earn FREE points on their birthday, when referring friends and on program membership anniversary dates. As a special thank you, new LivWell Rewards members also receive 200 points the day you sign up. Sign up for LivWell Rewards today.

Do you offer delivery?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer delivery service at our locations.

Can I purchase cannabis online?

Our marijuana and cannabis-infused products are not available for purchase on our website, but you can visit any of our locations throughout Colorado and our friendly bud tenders will help you find exactly what you need.

Where are LivWell stores located?

LivWell has locations throughout the state of Colorado, including Denver, Colorado Springs, Garden City, and Lakewood. Visit our Locations page to find the store near you.

Is LivWell currently hiring?

LivWell is always looking for motivated individuals that have a passion for helping to shape the future of this exciting industry. You can view available positions on our Careers page. Note: to be eligible to work in Colorado’s marijuana industry, you must be badged with at least a Medical Marijuana Support Occupational License from the State of Colorado, which allows the holder to work within MED licensed Medical and Retail Marijuana facilities, and is required for employees of vendors that provide services to Medical and Retail Marijuana business licensees. More information is available here.

Can I smoke in or near LivWell stores?

No, smoking “openly and publicly” or “in a manner that endangers others” is against the law.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

State regulations prohibit LivWell from accepting returns or exchanges once a product leaves our store. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at our stores will assist you one-on-one to assure you find what you’re looking for.

Do you use banned pesticides on your products?

We only use pesticide products on the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s approved list.

Do you accept credit cards?

Currently, we are unable to accept credit cards but we are working diligently to provide the most convenient payment options for our customers in the near future. All of our stores have ATMs available on site.

What are your prices for medical flower?

LivWell has an amazing medical selection of Gold and Platinum shelf flower. Prices listed below exclude tax and are subject to change. For the latest pricing, please call or visit one of our locations throughout Colorado.


Gold Shelf pricing is as follows:







Platinum Shelf pricing is as follows:






How can I get a medical marijuana card?

First and foremost, talk with your doctor to make sure medical marijuana is the right choice for you. Be sure to consult the Colorado Department of Health and Environment website to learn more about the application process.

How do I become a medical member with LivWell?

To become a LivWell Medical Member, you must first verify that you are not signed up with another dispensary and that it has been at least 30 days since signing up elsewhere. Once you’ve confirmed, simply bring your medical marijuana card to your preferred location and our budtenders will walk you through the process of becoming a LivWell Medical Member.

Why should I choose LivWell as my medical marijuana center?

LivWell is one of the largest marijuana companies in the country and is the established industry leader in price, quality and selection. Choosing LivWell as your medical marijuana center offers great benefits such as 500 LivWell rewards points (worth $25) when you sign up as well as great discounts everyday including:

20% off accessories
20% off edibles
20% off glass
20% off concentrates
10% off shelf flower

Do I have to pay to become a LivWell Medical marijuana member or patient?

There are absolutely no fees for being a LivWell Medical Member, only great benefits.

As a Medical Member, how much medicine can I purchase?

Registered Colorado medical patients are allowed to buy up to 2 ounces (56 grams) of marijuana (or its equivalent) during a single visit.

Can I transport marijuana out of Colorado?

It is illegal to transport marijuana and/or marijuana-infused products outside of the state of Colorado. Adults aged 21 or older are permitted to carry up to 1 ounce of marijuana and/or marijuana-infused products in their vehicle provided it is in a sealed container and does not cross state boundaries.

Does my out-of-state medical marijuana card work in Colorado?

Out-of-state medical marijuana cards cannot be used to purchase medical marijuana in Colorado, however, we welcome you to shop with us at our Recreational locations..

What are your prices for recreational flower?

LivWell has an amazing recreational selection of Gold and Platinum shelf flower!


Gold Shelf pricing is as follows:







Platinum Shelf pricing is as follows:






What are the limits to the amount of marijuana I can buy?

Valid in-state Colorado ID holders may purchase up to 28 grams per transaction. Valid out-of-state ID holders may purchase up to 28 grams per transaction. Medical patients with a valid Colorado registration and ID may purchase up to 56 grams. This total includes all extracts, concentrates, flower & infused products. Infused products totals (drinks, tinctures, patches, edibles etc.): 1000 milligrams of infused products = 1 gram towards your purchase.

What is the recommended dose for edibles?

Marijuana-infused products affect everyone differently. The recommended dose for edibles is approximately 10 mg and it can take up to 2 hours for the effects of edibles to become apparent, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time before ingesting more. Remember to always start low and take it slow.

If I buy marijuana from you, will my name end up on a government list?

Absolutely not! The Colorado Constitution prohibits us from disclosing the names of our recreational customers.

Can I take recreational marijuana out of Colorado?

It is illegal to transport marijuana purchased in Colorado across state lines.

Can I drive with marijuana in my car?

Yes, provided you are simply transporting it and not consuming it and that it is in a sealed container. Driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal, dangerous and can result in a DUI.

Can I sell my excess marijuana?

Absolutely not. Only licensed, registered marijuana dispensaries can sell marijuana.

Can I buy clones or seeds if I’m not a Colorado resident?

Unfortunately LivWell does not sell marijuana clones or seeds to out-of-state customers.

What forms of I.D. do you accept?

In- and Out-of-State Customers must have at least one of the following forms of ID to shop and must be Government issued with a photo and be one of the following:

1) Valid Driver’s License issued by any state within the United States or U.S. Territory. ** Temporary paper driver’s licenses are not acceptable forms of ID. **(a valid driver’s license is accepted until midnight the day of expiration).

2) Valid Passport or Passport Card (does not need to be issued in the United States).

3) An Identification card, issued by any state for the purpose of proof of age.

4) Military ID (active or retired).

5) Valid Enrollment card issued by the governing authority of a federally-recognized Indian tribe located in the state of Colorado, as long as the card includes proof of age.

What is shatter and wax?

Shatter and wax are two types of concentrates, created by dissolving the marijuana plant in a solvent to create a thick oil, very high in THC, called BHO (butane hash oil) or PHO (propane hash oil.) From there, shatter or wax consistencies are created by manipulating the BHO and PHO in different ways. Think of it of like dissolving sugar into water, then evaporating the water, leaving a sticky, highly sweet sugar substance behind. For wax, the BHO/PHO is whipped during the purging process, resulting in a flaky substance. For shatter, the BHO/PHO undergoes further refinement to remove any and all plant matter, typically using a pressure vacuum, resulting in a semi-transparent slab which shatters when a piece is broken off. The colors for both wax and shatter vary from light golden yellow to dark amber depending on the type of plant used to create the BHO/PHO.

Essentially what we collect are the trichomes that form on the leaf during the growing process. These trichomes are what house the terpenes, flavanoids, cannabinoids such as THCa, CBDa, CBGa, etc., and are what give each strain it’s unique characteristics.

Marijuana Glossary

  1. Cannabinoids: Chemical compounds found in cannabis that act upon the human body’s existing cannabinoid receptors and produce various effects, including pain relief. The most well-known cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the most abundant of the cannabinoids and produces the psychoactive effects which make marijuana so popular recreationally. There are 85 other known cannabinoids.
  2. CBD: Cannabidiol, one of the 85 known cannabinoids found in cannabis and the most common cannabinoid after THC. CBD has been found to effectively treat pain, inflammation, and anxiety without causing the psychoactive effects associated with THC.
  3. Hybrid: A plant that is a genetic cross between one or more different strains of cannabis. Most marijuana on the market is some form of hybrid.
  4. Indica: The common name for Cannabis indica, a species of cannabis. Originating from the Middle East and Asia, indica plants are generally short, bushy, and have a more tightly packed flower structure. Indica tends to produce a relaxing body high.
  5. Sativa: The common name for Cannabis sativa, a species of cannabis. Originating from the Middle East and Asia, this species also includes strains found in areas such as South America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Thailand. Sativa plants are generally tall, light in color, and take longer to flower than indicas. Sativa tends to produce a more cerebral and energetic high.
  6. Terpenes: These are simple organic molecules present in all living organisms which provide the flavors and aromas of plants, including marijuana. A typical marijuana plant can contain anywhere between 5 and 200 different terpenes, each of which can confer its own unique health and medical properties, which are reinforced through the entourage effect, or the collective effect all the terpenes have on consumers when used together.
  7. BHO: Butane hash oil, a potent concentrate of cannabinoids created by dissolving the marijuana plant in a solvent. BHO generally has very high THC levels and resembles a thick, sticky oil. BHO is also commonly referred to as honey oil, dabs, earwax, or shatter, depending on the manufacturing process.
  8. THC: Tetrahydrocannabinol, the most well-known and common cannabinoid found in marijuana. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for marijuana’s psychoactive effects. Studies have shown THC to have medical applications for a range of conditions. There is no lethal dose of THC in its natural form.

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