Looking for a gift for that special someone in your life who loves cannabis? We’ve compiled a few fantastic gift ideas to help you find the perfect present for everyone on your list!

Toker Poker – $7 – You may not realize it yet, but you and your cannabuddies desperately need this. The Toker Poker comes with a rod to stir your cannabis and a flat metal tamper that you can use to pack the bowl. It’s also made to fit a cord of hemp wick around the body, which you can use to light your bowl in case you don’t like inhaling butane from the lighter. Bonus points: you’ll lose fewer lighters because people are reluctant to steal a lighter with a case. That’s a fact!


Pipe/bong/rig – $10-$150 – Always a great gift for any smoker, these come in many different varieties, shapes, and sizes, depending on your preferred type of cannabis product. From hand-held bubblers and artistic pipes to state-of-the-art rigs and giant bongs, we’ve got an incredible variety of glass from which to choose.


Joint – $8 – Going to a white elephant party this year? Bring the best gift of the party with our pre-rolled joints. Yes, in the state of Colorado it is legal to gift up to an ounce of cannabis to another adult. If you really want to splurge, our $99.99 pre-weigh ounces are always an impressive gift!


Edibles – $15-$36 – The perfect gift for that friend or family member with a sweet tooth, edibles come in many forms, from gummies and fruit drops to chocolate and soft drinks. With the variety at our dispensaries, you will be sure to find the right edible for that special someone on your gift list.



Grinder – $9.99-$29.99 – Breaking up buds by hand is so 2015. These days, a grinder is a must-have for anyone who smokes flower. We have a wide variety to meet your budget.


Raw Tray – $9.99-$29.99 – Sick and tired of having to clean up your desk after every sesh? This handy tray is perfect for the joint and blunt aficionado, and helps keep the mess to a minimum.


Stealth Stick – $25 – These stealthy vape pens come pre-loaded with cannabis oil, available in indica, sativa and hybrid. Help your friends stay ahead of the curve and under the radar.

Disposable Stealth Stick with Pre-Loaded Cannabis Oil

Atmos Jewel – $59.99 – A great vape pen that you can fill with both flower and wax, the Atmos Jewel is a perfect gift for the smoker who wants to be discrete and enjoys a good dab as much as a nice bowl.


Pax Era with pod – Vape – $60, Pod – $60 – The brand-new Pax Era is a must-have for all levels of cannabis smokers. This vape pen uses a pod that’s filled with live resin and utilizes a mobile app to keep you informed on your usage and performance. Bring your cannabis friends into the 21st century with this state-of-the-art vape.


Dr. Dabber Boost – $179.99 – A great gift for all levels of dabbers, from beginner to expert. The Dr. Dabber is a portable electronic rig that comes with a travel case, dabber and silicone jar for all your dabbing needs. Click here to check out our selection of concentrates.