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Amber Chocolate. The creamy white chocolate goodness melts in your mouth leaving a delightful caramel taste to tantalize your taste buds. In celebration of this collaboration, each piece has 9mg of THC and 33mg of CBD (breakable into 3 sections each with 3mg THC and 11mg CBD).

The Uplifter disposable vaporizer is a 300mg cartridge that utilizes a combination of LivWell’s in-house distilled THC and cannabis-derived terpenes. The Uplifter comes in two varieties. Beautiful Disaster Sativa, predominately Zeta Sage terpenes, will bring a strong, clear, and lively buzz that will keep you jamming all night long to your favorite 311 tunes. Amber Indica was created utilizing terpenes from LivWell’s Purple Cotton strain. It offers a full-body, giggly, and relaxing high that will do you right, and have you thinking, “I’ll be here awhile.”

These products set the standard for Celebrity brands. A giant leap ahead of the pack.

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