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Quality Care

At LivWell Enlightened Health we have a highly-trained
staff ensure that only the finest cannabis ends up on our shelves,
and we emphasize quality throughout every aspect of our business.
With dispensary locations in Denver, Colorado Springs,
Garden City, Fort Collins, Pueblo, Mancos, Cortez, Trinidad,
and Springfield Oregon. We have you covered.


Top marijuana strains always in rotation. Blue Dream, Alien OG Kush, Jet Fuel, Tangerine Power, and Jack Flash to name just a few.


dispensary locations in Denver, Fort Collins, Garden City, Stapleton, Cortez, Mancos, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Trinidad, and Springfield


Well trained, polite, and most of all happy employees. From Bud Tenders to Growers, we are all focused on great cannabis and fantastic customer service.

customer reviews


Another great experience at LivWell!! Me and several friends agree that the fun, friendly and knowledgeable staff coupled with an extensive and excellent line of products make visiting LivWell an educational and enjoyable experience! Seriously!

Gar V. - YELP

Best quality at the best prices I have shopped there for 4 years and the customer service is outstanding. One of the only dispensaries to have a 5 star review on Leafbuyer.

Chris C. - LeafBuyer.COM

This place is great. I come here often for their specials but never been disappointed in what I went home with. My budtender this time was Johnnie C. and he was nice, knowledgeable, and knew what I wanted right away. Definitely recommend this place to my family and friends.

BurrCO - Leafly