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Field of marijuana

Established 2009


Family owned since 2009 with one little clone and one very big dream.

With careful tending and hard work, we've grown from a single location to the nation's leading cannabis company.

Today, we have mulitple locations, hundreds of employees and a dedication to treat them all as well as the marijuana business has treated us. Not only do we supply great wages and benefits, we offer in-depth training and opportunities for professional growth, too.

Because our bud is far from the only thing we’re interested in cultivating.

At LivWell, we’re more than just a dispensary.

We’re scientists, inventors, farmers, experts and pioneers in the development of the cannabis industry.

We know exactly how powerful marijuana can be, and we want to use that power for good. We want to protect our patients’ right to access high-quality medicine. We want to encourage education and responsible use. We want to help cannabis shed its highly unwarranted stigma and pick up the medicinal credit we know it deserves. We know that the world of cannabis has come a long way in the last decade.

But we also know that our work is far from done.

LivWell Cares is the philanthropic arm of LivWell Enlightened Health, through which the company directs its charitable activities and community engagement efforts.

LivWell Cares is a program designed to work hand in hand with the communities where we operate both as good neighbors and as fully-involved partners in community development. Whether it’s neighborhood clean-up activities, charitable drives, participating in community events, or just being there to support our friends in need, we are committed to helping however we can. Because LivWell Cares.

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