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With more than a decade of combined experience in the legal cannabis industry, Cannamerica’s founders set out to craft the most socially responsible pot gummy in the marketplace, while also setting extremely high standards for flavor, affordability, reliability and overall quality. After months of experimentation and hard work, the team offers lucky Coloradans the finest cannabis gummy in the world

Our commitment to Quality begins with our ability to control every aspect of our products from Seed to Sale.  Our cultivation facilities are Natural Grows, which mean we only use organic methods of growing, and NEVER use harmful pesticides to grow our plants.  We do a whole plant extraction, which means that every bit of the plants we grow goes into our oil for your gummies, including the buds of the flower!  This allows AmeriCanna to create the best oil for edibles in the industry.  Only first-run oil extracted by our extraction scientists are allowed to be put into our edibles.

I’ll be blunt, these are the best marijuana gummies I’ve ever had, and I’ve had my fair share. It’s something about the extra fluffy texture and the nigh-overwhelming fruit blasted flavor that makes Americanna CannaPuffs really stick out in my mind.

Jesse Grove
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