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IRS Section 280E: A Cornerstone in Cannabis Prohibition

Posted by Matthew Givner
17 September 2016 | 280E, Education

In 1969 the US Supreme Court ruled that the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 was unconstitutional. And yet, rather than leading to the legalization of cannabis across the country, this action set the stage for the system of marijuana prohibition that continues to stifle the legal cannabis market today.

In this article for the Cannabis Business Executive, LivWell Enlightened Health’s Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, Neal Levine, takes us through the history of marijuana prohibition in the United States since that fateful Supreme Court ruling. From Nixon administration political machinations to a Minneapolis cocaine dealer and the Clinton administration’s response to medical marijuana in California, this article illustrates how marijuana prohibition has never been based on science, and how the federal government has weaponized a piece of tax code to keep the newly legal cannabis industry “small and poor.”

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