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Novel Marijuana Products

6 Novel Marijuana Products That Don't Involve Smoking

Posted by Matthew Givner
11 July 2018 | edibles, topicals

As the marijuana industry continues to grow across the country, the universe of cannabis products has only grown larger and more diverse. Thanks to marijuana legalization, intrepid ganjapreneurs can now invest their time, research, and money into developing entirely new categories of cannabis products that consumers could only dream about before. Whereas prior to legalization cannabis consumption largely consisted of smoking flower in a pipe, bong, joint, or blunt, or creating home-made brownies that you hoped were dosed properly, today’s marijuana consumers can peruse an enormous variety of cannabis products in numerous form factors. This new frontier of cannabis products is especially beneficial to those consumers who want to enjoy the potential medicinal and therapeutic benefits of cannabis* but have no interest in inhaling smoke or vapor in order to do so. To help introduce you to this large and growing array of cannabis products, we’ve compiled a list of 6 novel marijuana products that don’t involve smoking or vaporizing.

  1. Suppositories: Yes, you read that correctly. Companies like Incredibles Wellness – from the same brand responsible for Incredibles chocolate bars – are pioneering this new form factor with their THC Suppository. Suppositories are among the quickest and most effective delivery methods, as the medication contained within is absorbed directly into the bloodstream after the suppository melts inside the body. It may not sound like the most pleasant form factor, but patients and consumers who have tried the THC Suppository have found the benefits more than make up for any potential awkwardness when it comes to using the product. Available in packages of 10, where each suppository contains 25mg THC and 25mg CBD, THC Suppositories by Incredibles Wellness are available at LivWell’s Colorado medical dispensary locations for $80 + tax.
  2. Bath Soak: There are few things in life more relaxing than a nice warm bath after a long day’s work. For those cannabis consumers looking to bring their relaxation to an even higher level, medicated bath soaks are the best product they’ve never heard of. Available from a number of different brands, including 5 Leaf, Dixie Elixirs, and others, these bath soaks are infused with THC and CBD to give your body and mind the rest and rejuvenation you rightly deserve. Simply add some of the bath soak mix to a warm bath – or, in a smaller tub for hand and foot baths – slip in the tub, and enjoy. Medicated bath soaks are available at all LivWell’s Colorado dispensary locations for $20 - $25 + tax.
  3. Tinctures: One of the most popular forms of consuming cannabis before prohibition, tinctures remain a fantastic cannabis consumption method. These oil-based liquid solutions are available in a variety of formulations, from high THC to high CBD and everything in between. Medical patients in particular enjoy tinctures thanks to their discreet form factor. Tinctures can be taken directly in the mouth or added into a favorite food or beverage for an easy marijuana infusion. While some CBD oils and tinctures can be found for purchase online, the tinctures you can purchase in a legal marijuana dispensary are often better for two main reasons. First, the CBD in products available in dispensaries like LivWell can be extracted from both hemp and marijuana (allowing consumers to enjoy the entourage effect from the different cannabinoids available in marijuana), whereas the CBD oil found online is only hemp-derived. And second, the high CBD products in dispensaries are often vastly more affordable than anything you can find online. For example, Tonic Drops, a brand of tinctures carried exclusively in LivWell’s Colorado recreational locations, are available in 100mg THC, 1:1 CBD:THC, 20:1 CBD:THC, and 50:1 CBD:THC, and these products range in price from just $18 – $45 + tax.
  4. Inhalers: Quest Concentrates recently launched a product that is brand new to the marijuana industry: The Quest AeroInhaler. Just like inhalers used to treat conditions like asthma, the AeroInhaler uses pharmaceutical-grade components to deliver aerosolized medication in a convenient form factor. The only difference is that the medication in this inhaler is refined THC. Quest even adds the live resin terpenes back into the product so consumers can enjoy the true flavor profile of live resin with every puff. The Quest AeroInhaler is available at all LivWell’s Colorado recreational dispensary locations for $85 + tax.
  5. Lubricant: Many cannabis consumers have long known that marijuana can be a potent aphrodisiac. If you want to use some cannabis to spice up your bedroom fun, you can try some medicated lubricant with your significant other. These topical lubricants work just like normal lubricants, but with the added benefit cannabinoids to heighten the experience. For example, Evos lubricant from Evolab has a high THC formulation to help ignite energy, sensitivity, and passion. Using only the purest CO2 extracts paired with synergistic botanical ingredients, the Evos lubricant is a one-of-a-kind experience you have to try to believe. Evos lubricant is available at all LivWell’s Colorado dispensary locations for $34 + tax.
  6. Pet Tinctures: Humans aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the beneficial properties of cannabis. Now, thanks to products like CBD Pet Tinctures from Infusiasm, your furry best friends can benefit from the potential medicinal and therapeutic benefits of marijuana. Just like tinctures made for humans, the CDB Pet Tinctures are oil-based liquid solutions that can be taken directly or added to your dog or cat’s favorite meal. When delivered in the correct dosage, CBD Pet Tinctures can allow your pet to enjoy the benefits of THC and CBD without experiencing any psychoactive effect. Available in delicious bacon and savory salmon flavors, CBD Pet Tinctures can be found at all LivWell’s Colorado recreational dispensary locations for $20 + tax.
*LivWell makes no claims regarding the health or medical benefits of marijuana. Individual results may vary.