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LivWell Named #1

LivWell Named #1 Producer, Processor, and Retailer by Cannabis Business Executive

Posted by Matthew Givner
20 November 2015 | Awards, CBE

Cannabis Business Executive Names LivWell No. 1 in 2015 CBE 100 List of Producers, Processors and Retailers

LivWell Secures Top Slot in List of Largest Operators in the Cannabis Industry

DENVER, Nov. 23, 2015 — Cannabis industry news outlet, Cannabis Business Executive, has chosen Colorado-based LivWell for the No. 1 slot in its second annual CBE 100 – a list of the industry’s top producers, processors and retailers (PPR).

“With top line revenue projected to exceed the $80 million mark, CEO John Lord and his LivWell team have set the bar high as the #1 Producer, Processor and Retailer on the inaugural 2015 CBE 100 PPRs list,” said Rob Meagher, editor-in-chief of Cannabis Business Executive. “We look forward to following LivWell as they expand into additional markets both in Colorado and nationwide with their vertically integrated model.”

Included in the 2015 CBE 100 list are companies from Arizona, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Maine, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island and Washington. The top four states with the most companies represented on the list include Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington.

“LivWell is among great company on the CBE 100 list, and we’re proud of the success of the industry as a whole,” said John Lord, owner of LivWell. “I’d like to also recognize the hard work and dedication of all our employees, without whom we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

LivWell makes its employees a priority, creating a company culture of involvement, collaboration and community where a work-life balance is encouraged. In addition, LivWell provides paid vacation and company-paid insurance coverage for its employees, among other benefits.

LivWell is committed to innovation and invests heavily in product research and development. The company employs best practices throughout all of its operations, from cultivation to customer service, and offers the best value to customers.

About LivWell

LivWell is among Colorado’s largest legal marijuana companies, with four recreational & medical dispensaries, four medical only and two recreational only dispensaries in the state. LivWell provides its patients and customers with the best value, quality and variety of can­nabis products including flower, topicals, tinctures, edibles, smoking accessories and more. LivWell’s team of innovative farmers and scientists grow more than 40 strains of cannabis to meet the varied and evolving tastes of its customers. LivWell’s searchable strain library can be found here. LivWell employees undergo rigorous training and education through LivWell University, preparing them to be the most knowledgeable, helpful budtenders in the industry, and to become advocates of responsible use. LivWell employs approximately 500 Coloradoans who enjoy higher-than-average salaries and benefits. For more information, including a list of LivWell’s locations, visit


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