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Pre-Rolls: The Convenient Cannabis Choice

Posted by Ethan Goodman
20 August 2019 | Flower, Pre-Rolls

If you’re like many of us at LivWell, you understand the beauty of a well-rolled joint or blunt. Its true that dabbing might make for the fullest flavor experience, edibles might be delicious and healthier, and vape pens might be more convenient. But when all is said and done, none of these methods compare to the classic ritual of passing a joint around with friends. It’s a full, natural cannabis experience like none other.

We love pre-rolls in particular for the convenience they provide. In the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes all we want is a blunt ready to go at a moment’s notice. LivWell pre-rolls are not only convenient and well-priced, they also come in tons of different strains and sizes. Most dispensaries use trim to fill their pre-rolls; at LivWell, we’re proud to use nothing but full-bud cannabis when filling our cones. Check out some of our premier pre-roll choices below:

The Classic:
For a classic joint session, look no further than the 0.8g LivWell pre-roll. With just under 1g of premier full-bud cannabis, these joints are the standard for both size and length of session.

Tea Leaf Blunt:
Not being able to use tobacco hasn’t stopped us from rolling some terrific blunts. Using tea leaf paper instead of tobacco leaf, our blunts burn just like the classics. With just under 1 gram of full-bud cannabis in each, the Tea Leafs make for a satisfying session. Come see for yourself.

These are the big boys. Packed with 1.6 grams of prime LivWell cannabis, our LivLarges provide one of the longest pre-roll sessions that you’ll find. Like the others, LivLarges are available in tons of different strains—just give us a call at your go-to LivWell location to check out what they’ve got in stock.

High Five:
What’s better than one pre-roll? A whole pack of them, of course. Our High Five pack is five 0.5g joints, all made from LivWell’s top-notch buds. It’s the perfect amount for anything from a weekend getaway, to a session with friends (a joint for each person doesn’t sound like such a bad idea…), or even just to plan ahead for the week! With the High Five, there’s always plenty of pre-rolls to go around.

Our knowledgeable budtenders are passionate about helping you find your ideal cannabis experience. Like a fingerprint, no two people have the same experience with cannabis; our staff is well aware of this. At LivWell, you can leave confident that the products you’ve chosen are well-suited for you. Stop by and try out one of our many pre-roll options today!