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Posted by Matthew Givner
22 June 2017 | Concentrates, Live Resin

We’re very excited to announce the arrival of a brand-new concentrate company at LivWell! #HASH will first hit our recreational stores Friday 6/23 with #WAX and #LIVERESIN. In order to help you make informed decisions about your Cannabis consumption, let’s dig deeper into live resin and explore what makes this concentrate especially unique.

What is live resin and how do you consume it?

Live resin is often considered the most flavorful and pungent type of hash oil. Terpenes are preserved by freezing a freshly harvested plant and then performing the extraction. Most of a plant’s terpenes are lost during the first week of drying, so this type of concentrate has a flavor and aroma that is closer to the scent of the bud while still “on the vine.” The consistency can vary depending on the strain, ranging from a wet sugar consistency to a stickier substance like sap. Live resin can be used in a vape pen or dabbed. Potency will typically range from 70-90% THC.

Why is #LIVERESIN different?

#LIVERESIN by #HASH is made by and for cannabis afficianados using only the freshest plants and cutting-edge science and technology. They start with fresh, whole plants harvested from their garden and chosen for their high cannabinoid and terpene content. Cold temperatures are used throughout the extraction process, including pre-chilled solvent and lots of dry ice, in order to prevent dark colors from appearing in the final product. Through months of careful study and experimentation, #HASH scientists have developed a unique proprietary process that ensures the greatest consistency and the highest potency of cannabinoids and terpene levels the plant can offer.

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