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Top 5 Best Dispensaries for First-Timers

LivWell Named One of the Top 5 Best Dispensaries for First-Timers

Posted by Matthew Givner
18 November 2016 | Awards, Education

Shopping for cannabis can be a little intimidating for some. The wide variety of products available on store shelves, the large and growing number of scientific terms to know, and even just the act of buying cannabis at a store can lead some new and curious consumers to feel a little hesitant.

At LivWell, we have done our utmost to ensure our stores and our staff create a comfortable environment for cannabis consumers of all kinds, including those who are new to the industry. That’s why it’s so awesome to have been recognized by Parachute as one of the Top 5 Best Dispensaries in Denver for First-Timers!

Take a look at the full list via the link, below. And be sure to stop in to one of our stores to see what makes us one of the best dispensaries for first-timers!

View the full story here.