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LivWell Partners with Fitch Foundation on 420

LivWell Partners with Fitch Foundation on 420 a

Posted by Matthew Givner
19 April 2016 | LivWell Cares, 420

LivWell is very excited to be supporting The Fitch Foundation this 4/20. To help spread the 420 love LivWell will donate 1 dollar to The Fitch Foundation for every purchase made on 4/20 across all of our locations!

The Fitch Foundation’s mission is to give back to our veterans by providing opportunities to engage in athletic programs and competitions. The Foundation’s focus is helping veterans achieve active lifestyles through adaptive physical fitness and competitive sports. Reducing our veteran suicide rate in all generations of veterans allows them to pursue active lives within their community and family. Increasing self-esteem, encouraging self-determination and enhancing quality of life is what the Fitch Foundation is all about, and LivWell is proud to support these efforts.

Here are what some veterans are saying about the Fitch Foundation and cannabis:

“Cannabis has not only helped me manage the pain from my physical disabilities, but even more so the pain from my mental ones. Cannabis has helped me keep my PTSD in check for many years now, and in doing so it has helped me become a better husband, father and productive member of my community. I went from needing help coping with my disability to helping others cope with theirs.”

~Veteran~ Dustin Speakman

U.S. Army Adv. Field Artillery

Tactical Data System Operator Specialist

“As I have met more and more Veterans, I have been told countless times that Cannabis has made such a difference in the way they are able to deal with life’s daily stressors. My amputees have expressed over and over again how the use of Cannabis has helped with everything from phantom pains after surgery, to the pain they experience while learning to use their prosthetics.

The V.A.’s acceptance of Cannabis as a treatment for PTSD has brought the recovery of our Veterans to new levels. Getting them off the hard medication and giving them a new lease on life and control over their own health.”

“Laura JF Powell”

Founder of The Fitch Foundation

“The Fitch Foundation allows someone with a visual disability like myself to participate in sporting events and any kind of activities that are costly that I wouldn’t be able to normally participate in. You are a wonderful organization and the support you guys supply the Veterans is without question immense and wonderful.”

~Veteran~ Anita Shorb

U.S. Navy Linguist

“The Fitch Foundation is the most amazing nonprofit, the Veterans come first. Supporting all generations of our Heroes makes this organization unique and effective to all. When I meet with a participant and they tell me they’ve been turned away by the big non-profits because they didn’t serve in a specific war, I assure them they have to look no further. Empowering Veterans with different abilities allows them to not worry about being labeled as disabled. We lose 22 Veterans every day to suicide from PTSD…getting our Heroes involved with sports and adaptive athletics decreases those numbers. Living Without Limits is what we are all about.”

~Veteran~ Laura JF Powell

– USARNG Combat Medic