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LivWell Trains Dispatchers on Cannabis Safety

LivWell Trains Dispatchers on Cannabis Safety

Posted by Matthew Givner
6 May 2016 | LivWell Cares, Education

LivWell Enlightened Health is excited to announce the completion of a one of a kind training with the Adams County Communications Center (AdCom).

AdCom is a multi-agency police and fire dispatch center serving Adams Country Police and Fire departments. AdCom currently serves a population of approximately 440,000 citizens, through both emergency 911 calls and non-emergency phone calls, making them one of the busiest emergency call centers in the State of Colorado.

LivWell contacted AdCom to inquire how much, if any, information they had about the marijuana industry as it relates to laws and operations. The agency had received no training, so LivWell proposed a first of its kind training program to provide AdCom with the tools and information needed to successfully address marijuana-related calls.

LivWell tailored a training program specifically for AdCom as it relates to their duties as the first entity citizens contact for police, fire and rescue response. Over the course of two weeks, LivWell provided a four-hour training class to fifty AdCom employees. The training covered areas of the marijuana industry as it relates to security, compliance, safety and the scientific effects of marijuana. The staff was also provided a tour of the cultivation warehouse to bring all the information they received together.

The course was a great success and the dispatchers were thoroughly impressed with all the vital information they learned. Jackie Reynolds, the AdCom Training Supervisor with 30 years of experience, stated: “I thought it was great! So much information about the industry that I had no idea or had even thought about before. I think that was pretty much the consensus of the group from the talk that was going around anyway. You all related the presentation very specific for our group and a lot of people were impressed with that.”

Lynelle Heater, an AdCom Supervisor, stated: “Overall the training was very interesting – I learned quite a bit. The overview you did of the company was great – I think those things are important for people to understand that it’s not just a bunch of pot smoking hippies with a ramshackle business, but a legit business operation that has a lot of rules/regulations to follow.”

Based on the success of these trainings, LivWell has been contacted by several other police and fire agencies seeking similar training. If you would like to learn more about this training, or discuss the possibility of creating a custom training program for your organization, please contact

More praise for the training from AdCom employees:

“Going into the training I was very skeptical about the whole ordeal. I was quickly proven wrong. I found your class and tour to be very insightful and useful. The staff seemed very knowledgeable (especially in the hash oil production area) and friendly. I think you have put together a great training program. I would recommend your class to others, especially in the fire service, who I think could benefit a lot from seeing things from your points of view. Thanks for showing us around.” -Scott M.

“I thought that the training Joe Sandoval put on was very informative. It did a great job of bringing to light all of the ‘unexpected’ things that go on within a licensed marijuana grow facility. Having ‘The Scientist’ there I feel was the best part of the whole day. Not only was he informative, but he was extremely cognizant of the group he was presenting to. He was lively, knowledgeable, and passionate about what he does. It was also nice to know what kind of chemicals they store on site, in the event of a fire.” – Betty B.