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LivWell Employees Responsible Vendor Training

LivWell Employees Go Above and Beyond With Responsible Vendor Training

Posted by Matthew Givner

In our continuing effort to provide our customers with the best retail experience possible, starting in January of this year all of our Retail Staff have attended several hours of Sell-SMaRT™ Responsible Vendor Training. This training, which is approved by the State of Colorado but not required, will ensure that our retail staff continues to provide the best customer service and remain compliant with all the new rules and laws for selling recreational and medical marijuana.

“Our customers deserve the best,” said John Lord, LivWell Enlightened Health’s owner and CEO, “and by providing this in-depth training we will continue to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our customers have an exceptional experience during every visit to our stores.”

The Sell-SMaRT™ training teaches the essentials for safe and responsible cannabis sales, giving our retail staff tools to effectively mitigate the risks and liabilities associated with cannabis retail operations. This day-long course addresses marijuana laws and regulations, safety and security, ID checks, and consumer safety and education. This training also teaches our staff how to safely handle difficult situations that include on-premise consumption, refusing sales, customers under the influence and potential violence.

About the Sell-SMaRT™ Trainers:

Founded in 2014, Cannabis Trainers offers interactive, engaging training programs that promote the safe, responsible, and professional sale of cannabis products. Led by Maureen McNamara—a speaker, facilitator, and trainer with more than 20 years of experience training thousands of professionals around the world—Cannabis Trainers’ top two programs are ServSafe® and Sell-SMaRT™. Sell-SMaRT is the first Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division-approved Responsible Vendor Program for marijuana sales. Cannabis Trainers currently offers programs in Colorado, and plans to expand to additional states as legalization occurs. Cannabis Trainers is a member of NCIA and a founding member of Women Grow, the national professional organization supporting women leaders and entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. (

What Our Staff is Saying:

“I have seen a significant difference in the confidence of my staff after we all went through the Responsible Vendor Training course. We have moved towards focusing on educating the consumer with information we have learned from the Responsible Vendor Training.”

– Chelsea, General Manager LivWell on Evans

“I thought the Smart Vendor Training was smart and enthusiastic. I have been in the marijuana industry for 6 years and I learned a few new things. I really thought the presenter of the program was smart and engaging. I would recommend anyone of any level in marijuana take this class!”

– Diann, Store Manager LivWell on Pearl

“The vendor training was a great refresher no matter what your retail experience is!” – Tim, General Manger LivWell on Larimer