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What is a Medical Member

What is a Medical Member Anyway?

Posted by Sarah Thompson
4 October 2018 | Medical, marijuana

If you have your Medical Marijuana card, you may be wondering what a medical member is, what benefits you’ll gain, or whether signing over with a dispensary is the right choice for you. Below, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions by medical card holders who are wondering what it means to be a medical member.

Q: What is a medical member and what does it mean to be one?

A: As a Medical Marijuana patient, you’re permitted to cultivate a designated amount of plants (discussed between you and your doctor) in your own home. If you choose not to grow them yourself, you’re permitted to sign those plants over with a medical dispensary of your choice, known as a “caregiver center.” Dispensaries also have a designated number of plants they’re permitted to grow or possess for commercials use. Signing your plants over allows them to increase the number of plants they can grow. Dispensaries will, in turn, offer benefits in the form of discounts or rewards. The act of signing your plants over is what makes you a medical member of that dispensary.

Q: Can I still grow any plants myself if I’m a medical member?

A: Unfortunately no. The state only permits you to grow a designated number of plants. By signing them over, you are no longer able to grow them at home.

Q: What benefits does LivWell offer to medical members?

A: For becoming a member, you’ll receive 500 LivWell Rewards Points, which is the equivalent of a $25 store credit. Once you’re signed over, you’ll receive 10% off shelf flower and 20% off concentrates, edibles, topicals, accessories, glass, and apparel. You’ll also enjoy these great benefits at all of our locations that offer medical sales! Click here for more details!

Q: What do I need to sign up and do I have to pay anything to join?

A: Becoming a member with LivWell is easy and completely free! You’ll need to bring an original copy of your medical card printed from the MED website and a valid photo ID. If you don’t have a printer, our retail stores are happy to print a copy for you as long as you can provide your login to the MED website. From here, we’ll make photocopies of your documents and have you sign a form acknowledging that you wish to sign your plants over with us. It’s as easy as that!

Q: Can I start using my benefits right away?

A: Yes! Your Rewards points will be available to use during that visit along with your member discounts.

Q: Do I need to renew my membership?

A: Yes. Each year when you renew your medical card, you’ll be assigned a new medical card number. We will need to renew your membership and take another photocopy of your card to keep your membership valid.

Q: What if I change my mind and want to sign over with a different dispensary?

A: If you wish to change to a new caregiver center, you can initiate that change in the dispensary you wish to sign over to. They will have you fill out a form stating that you wish to have your member benefits terminated with your previous center. The form will then be sent to that center, any additional plants they are growing for you will be destroyed, and your membership will be changed in the state’s METRC tracking system to reflect the change.

Please visit one of our locations for more details about becoming a medical member.