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Gourmet Chocolates.

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In music, codas are an essential part of the greater understanding of a song. As we listen to the coda, we hear a culmination of the musical phrases that came before while experiencing a truly distinct sound.
Coda Signature™ is that distinct presence in the evolution of cannabis.

A 6 piece truffle collection, 3 flavors
This dynamic collection is full of vibrant colors and flavors. We present the classic combination of milk chocolate and dark roasted hazelnuts, a tart passion fruit caramel lightly scented with Szechuan pepper corns, and sweet mascarpone blended with bitter espresso infused dark chocolate.

We also carry Serenade Truffles, Coffee and Doughnuts Chocolate Bar, and the Cream and Crumble Chocolate bar.

Coda Signature Truffles are not only the fanciest marijuana edible I’ve ever had in my life, but also the most beautiful things that I’ve ever destroyed.

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