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Gluten Free. Strain Specific. Honest Ingredients.

Julie’s Natural Edibles

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Strain specific marijuana edibles for the conscious connoisseur. All products are organic, and free of gluten, refined sugar, GMOs and pesticides!

Creating a premium edible by pairing the finest ingredients with cannabis is Julie’s mission.  Each edible is hand crafted using strain specific Cannabutter or Canna-Coconut Oil, lab tested to ensure potency, consistency. Designed to deliver a highly effective edible experience.
The kitchen begins with a timeless clarified cannabutter extraction (or coconut oil) that is baked into a gluten free, refined sugar free, and pesticide free, healthy product.
Julie now works with legislatures throughout Colorado and nationwide to help define and develop a practical regulatory system for edibles manufactured in the USA.

Truly top notch products. Not only delicious, but made from all natural ingredients with love. And the women in charge are the best!

Melissa Humphries Vitale, Facebook
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