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The name Keef Cola refers to two primary elements of the cannabis-sativa plant: (1) the Keef or Kief- heavy concentrations of trichomes consisting of high levels of THC and other cannabinoids; and (2) the Cola- the part of a female cannabis plant where the flowers or buds grow together tightly.

Keef Cola delivers the best tasting Medical Marijuana Beverage in Colorado. Effects can be felt in minutes b/c of our unique process from plant to bottle. Flavors: Orange, Blue Razz, Lemonade, Lemon-lime, Grape, Cola, and Root Beer.
Keef Cola and all of its products are intended to provide a breath of fresh air into the world of medicine. We feel that patients of all kinds should be able to choose what type of medicine fits them best. We infuse each of our products with a dose of Vitamin C and B-3-6-12 along with a healthy amount of regulated THC. 

Even though the name of the flavor was High Octane, I felt extremely relaxed after drinking it and was able to focus on my work. Everything about Keef Colas are great! From the packaging to nostalgic taste, I would absolutely recommend this to anyone!

Edibles Magazine, 2016
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