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Lucky Edibles makes the finest cannabis products with a seed-to-experience approach. We grow our own carefully curated strains, and combine the best ingredients to make delicious infused edibles. With a predictable and controlled dose, you can now confidently consume.

Founded in 2014, Lucky Edibles is a cannabis brand that addresses market irregularities in THC dosing by providing consumers with a consistent, quality product. In the development of its products, Lucky Edibles collaborates with leading experts in cultivation, CO2 extraction, as well as confectionery science. They won’t melt, they won’t freeze, and they won’t break apart in the bottle. They contain no gluten, no dairy, and they are vegan and calorie-free.

Best tasting sativa edibles on the market! Stay super focused to get your work done with NO BODY PAINS! YAY! Be sociable, be inspired, be brave! Thank you Lucky Edibles for dosing me just right. Ten stars.

Geneva Kashnig, Facebook
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