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LivWell University

What is LivWell University

LivWell University is the center point for LivWell Enlightened Health’s educational needs. LivWell University provides training for all levels of employment, with a primary focus on training new hires. Comprising both retail and grow classroom facilities as well as a mock dispensary designed to closely resemble the company’s existing retail locations, LivWell University is a world-class cannabis industry training program.

What Do We Teach in LivWell University

All new hires from all departments must complete a standard two-day orientation where they learn about company benefits, policies, and expectations. In addition, LivWell University provides security and compliance classes, marijuana science classes, and information on the company’s approach to community engagement, among other great presentations.

After the standard orientation, new hires for LivWell’s cultivation facility take an additional day of classes specific to their departments, while new hires for the company’s retail locations spend the next three days studying products, customer service, compliance procedures, and everything it takes to become a successful budtender. After new retail hires complete their first week in the classroom, their education continues at their assigned store location with a structured week of continuous education and shadowing to ensure a successful onboarding process.

LivWell University History

LivWell University was formed in 2014 following the beginning of recreational sales in Colorado. Within a few weeks of LivWell evolving with the industry to serve recreational customers, the company saw a dramatic increase in the number of customers served daily. The quick pace of business, large customer increase, and added regulations made clear the areas where the company needed to increase and improve its existing employee training. It was apparent that the best path to success in this new and changing industry was to invest in the company’s staff and to provide them with the best education possible.

LivWell University in the Future

LivWell University is always pushing the envelope when it comes to cutting-edge cannabis industry education. To stay on pace with an ever-changing industry, LivWell University is constantly adding new classes, updating current classes, and bringing in new presenters to speak to trainees. LivWell University embraces the latest technology and resources available to deliver the best possible content in the most engaging format for our trainees.

LivWell University Classroom
LivWell University Classroom