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LivWell Vendor Pop-Ups

Cannabis Events in Your Area

Do you like special offers on cannabis products and free swag? If so, you came to the right corner of the internet.

LivWell vendor pop-ups are by far the best way to learn about the products we sell that aren’t produced by LivWell. Whether it’s PAX, Evolab, Cheeba Chews, or one of our many other brands, we’ve got representatives from each company visiting LivWell locations throughout the year. Stop by and take advantage of can’t-miss deals on our favorite cannabis brands!

Even if a pop-up is cancelled, we will always honor the special offers promoted by our vendors on the day they are scheduled. Stop by and take advantage of can’t-miss deals on our favorite cannabis brands!

August 1st:

Larimer: | Evolab: 1pm--3pm
Pearl: | Keef Cola: 1pm--3pm
Broadway: | The Clear: 3pm--5pm
Ft. Collins: | Stratos: 3pm--5pm
Garden City: | Eureka: 3pm--6pm
Pearl: | Mezz: 4pm--6pm

August 2nd:

Stapleton: | CSC: 12pm--2:30pm
Broadway: | Kaviar: 12pm--2pm
Nevada: | Cheeba Chews: 12pm--2pm
South Pueblo: | West Edison: 1pm--3pm
Murray: | Cheeba Chews: 3pm--5pm
Ft. Collins: | Keef Cola: 3pm--5pm
Ft. Collins: | Eureka: 3pm--6pm
Garden City: | Coda: 3pm--6pm
Evans: | Stratos: 4pm--6pm
North Pueblo: | West Edison: 4pm--6pm

August 3rd

Ft. Collins: | The Flower Collective: 3pm--6pm
Pearl: | Kaviar:4pm--6pm

August 6th

Pearl: | CBX: 3pm--6pm

August 7th

Garden City: | Kaviar: 4pm--6pm
Garden City: | Keef Cola: 4pm--6pm

August 8th

Pearl: | Keef Cola: 1pm--3pm
Evans: | The Clear: 3pm--5pm
Franklin: | The Flower Collective: 4pm--6pm

August 9th

South Pueblo: | Stratos: 11am--1:30pm
Broadway: | The Flower Collective: 1pm--3pm
Murray: | The Clear: 3pm--5pm
Broadway: | Keef Cola: 3pm--5pm
Garden City: | Blue Kudu: 3pm--5pm
Ft. Collins: | Willie’s: 3pm--6pm
Evans: | Eureka: 3pm--6pm
Larimer: | Kaviar: 4pm--6pm

August 10th

Franklin: | Mary’s Medicinals: 11am--1pm
Ft. Collins: | Eureka: 12pm--3pm
Broadway: | Blue Kudu: 3pm--6pm
Garden City: | PAX: 3pm--6pm

August 14th

Evans: | CSC: 2:30pm--5pm
Ft. Collins: | Kaviar: 4pm--6pm

August 15th

South Pueblo: | TR Concentrates 1pm--3pm
South Pueblo: | Root Of It All 1pm--3pm
South Pueblo: | Cannamerica: 1pm--3pm
Broadway: | MTN High Suckers: 3pm--5pm
Stapleton: | The Clear: 3pm--5pm
Evans: | EvoLab: 4pm--6pm
Garden City: | The Flower Collective: 4pm--6pm
Larimer: | Keef Cola: 4pm--6pm
North Pueblo: | TR Concentrates 4pm--6pm
North Pueblo: | Root Of It All 4pm--6pm
North Pueblo: | Cannamerica: 4pm--6pm

August 16th

Stapleton: | Mezz: 12:30pm -- 2:30pm
Trinidad: | TR Concentrates 1pm--3pm
Trinidad: | Root Of It All 1pm--3pm
Trinidad: | Cannamerica: 1pm--3pm
Garden City: | Mtn High Suckers: 3pm--5pm
Broadway: | PAX: 3pm--6pm
Larimer: | Blue Kudu: 3pm--6pm
Evans: | The Flower Collective: 4pm--6pm

August 17th

Cortez | The Flower Collective 12pm -- 2pm
Evans: | Keef Cola: 1pm--3pm
Ft. Collins: | Mtn High Suckers 1pm--3pm
Cortez | Blue Kudu 3pm -- 6pm
Evans: | Blue Kudu: 3pm--6pm
Mancos | The Flower Collective 4pm -- 6pm

August 19th

Broadway: | Mary's Medicinals: 4pm--6pm

August 20th

Ft. Collins: | Coda: 11am--2pm
Evans: | Mary's Medicinals: 12pm--2pm
Ft. Collins: | Cannapunch/Highly Edible/Dutch Girl: 3pm--5pm

August 21th

Evans: | Green Dot: 3pm--6pm
Pearl: | Keef Cola: 4pm--6pm

August 22nd

Murray: | Mary's Medicinals: 1pm--3pm
Larimer: | Coda: 3pm--6pm
Garden City: | Cannapunch/Highly Edible/Dutch Girl: 3pm--5pm
Pearl: | The Clear: 3pm--5pm
Stapleton:: | EvoLab: 4pm--6pm

August 23rd

Larimer: | Mtn High Suckers: 1pm--3pm
Ft. Collins: | Pyramid: 2pm--4pm
Larimer: | PAX: 3pm--6pm
Stapleton: | Keef Cola: 3pm--5pm
Franklin: | EvoLab: 4pm--6pm

August 24th

Pearl: | Mtn High Suckers: 3pm--5pm
Springfield: | Golden: 3pm--6pm
Ft. Collins: | PAX: 3pm--6pm
Evans: | TR Concentrates 4pm--6pm
Evans: | Root of it All 4pm--6pm
Evans: | Cannamerica: 4pm--6pm
Franklin: | Kaviar: 4pm--6pm

August 27th

South Pueblo: | Coda: 1:30pm--3:30pm
Larimer: | The Clear: 3pm--5pm
North Pueblo: | Coda: 4pm--6pm
Pearl: | Root Of It All: 4pm--6pm

August 28th

North Pueblo: | Mary's Medicinals: 1pm--3pm
South Pueblo: | Mary's Medicinals: 4pm--6pm

August 29th

Stapleton: | Cannapunch/Highly Edible/Dutch Girl: 1pm--3pm
Ft Collins: | Keef Cola: 1pm--4pm
Franklin: | Keef Cola: 3pm--5pm
Ft Collins: | Eureka: 4pm--6pm
Pearl: | Keef Cola: 4pm--6pm
Stapleton: | Wana: 4pm--6pm

August 30th

Broadway: | Kaviar: 12pm--2pm
Ft Collins: | Keef Cola: 1pm--4pm
Pearl: | EvoLab: 1pm--3pm
South Pueblo: | Keef Cola: 1pm--3pm
Stapleton: | Green Dot: 3pm--6pm
Ft Collins: | Cannapunch/Highly Edible/Dutch Girl: 4pm--6pm
Larimer: | The Flower Collective: 4pm--6pm
North Pueblo: | Keef Cola: 4pm--6pm

September 3rd:

Garden City: | Kaviar: 12pm--2pm
Pearl: | CBX: 3pm--5pm
Pearl: | EvoLab: 3pm--5pm
Evans: | Mary's Medicinals: 5pm--7pm

September 4th:

Broadway: | MedPharm/Become: 4pm--6pm
Franklin: | Wana: 4pm--6pm
Ft Collins: | Kaviar: 4pm--6pm

September 5th:

Garden City: | Dixie: 12pm--3pm
Larimer: | Mezz: 2pm--4pm
Broadway: | The Clear: 3pm--5pm
Nevada: | EvoLab: 3pm--5pm
Pearl: | Green Dot: 3pm--6pm
Garden City: | MedPharm/Become: 4pm--6pm

September 6th:

Larimer: | MedPharm/Become: 12pm--3pm
Broadway: | Eureka: 1pm--3pm
Trinidad: | EvoLab: 3pm--6pm
Pearl: | Blue Kudu: 3pm--6pm
Broadway: | Green Dot: 3pm--6pm
Ft Collins: | Root Of It Al: 4pm--6pm
Larimer: | Cannapunch/Highly Edible/Dutch Girl: 4pm--6pm
South Pueblo: | Wana: 4pm--6pm
Stapleton: | TR Concentrates: 4pm--6pm
Stapleton: | Root of it All: 4pm--6pm
Stapleton: | Cannamerica: 4pm--6pm
Springfield: | Siskiyou Sungrown: 4pm--7pm

September 7th:

Cortez: | EvoLab: 11:30am--1pm
Garden City: | Green Dot: 12pm--3pm
Franklin: | TR Concentrates: 1pm--3pm
Franklin: | Root of it All 1pm--3pm
Franklin: | Cannamerica: 1pm--3pm
South Pueblo: | Blue Kudu: 1pm--3pm
Evans: | Kaviar: 4pm--6pm
North Pueblo: | Blue Kudu: 4pm--6pm
Pearl: | The Flower Collective: 4pm--6pm

September 10th:

Stapleton: | Kaviar: 12pm--2pm
Broadway: | Coda: 3pm--6pm
Evans: | MedPharm/Become: 4pm--6pm
Pearl: | Mary's Medicinals: 4pm--6pm

September 11th:

Pearl: | Green Dot: 3pm--6pm
Evans: | Wana: 3pm--5pm
Broadway: | Cannapunch/Highly Edible/Dutch Girl: 4pm--6pm
Larimer: | Eureka: 4pm--6pm

September 12th:

South Pueblo: | Green Dot: 10am--1pm
Nevada: | Mary's Medicinals: 12pm--2pm
North Pueblo: | Green Dot: 2pm--5pm
Evans: | The Clear: 3pm--5pm
Garden City: | PAX: 3pm--5pm
Stapleton: | MedPharm/Become 4pm--6pm

September 13th:

Ft Collins: | Green Dot: 12pm--3pm
Nevada: | Cannapunch/Highly Edible/Dutch Girl: 1pm--3pm
Ft Collins: | Blue Kudu 3pm--6pm
Murray: | The Clear: 3pm--5pm
Broadway: | PAX: 3:30pm--6pm
Franklin: | Kaviar: 4pm--6pm
Murray: | Cannapunch/Highly Edible/Dutch Girl: 4pm--6pm
Stapleton: | Eureka: 4pm--6pm

September 14th:

Stapleton: | Mtn High Suckers: 1pm--3pm
Larimer: | PAX: 4pm--6pm
Nevada: | The Clear: 4pm--6pm

September 17th:

Ft Collins: | Dixie: 12pm--3pm
Broadway: | Kaviar: 12pm--2pm
Franklin: | MedPharm/Become: 4pm--6pm

September 18th:

Broadway: | Green Dot: 3pm--6pm
Pearl: | Eureka: 4pm--6pm

September 19th:

Evans: | PAX: 3pm--6pm
Ft Collins: | Coda: 3pm--6pm
Garden City: | Green Dot: 3pm--6pm
Stapleton: | The Clear: 3pm--5pm
Pearl: | MedPharm/Become: 4pm--6pm
Larimer: | Kaviar: 4pm--6pm

September 20th:

Mancos: | CSC: 11am--2pm
Ft Collins: | Root Of It All: 1pm--3pm
South Pueblo: | Eureka: 1pm--3pm
Trinidad: | Cannapunch/Highly Edible/Dutch Girl: 1pm--3pm
Franklin: | Mtn High Suckers: 3pm--5pm
Fort Collins: | PAX: 3pm--6pm
North Pueblo: | Eureka: 4pm--6pm
Cortez: | Medpharm/Become: 4pm--6pm
Mancos: | Medpharm/Become: 4pm--6pm

September 21th:

South Pueblo: | Mtn High Suckers: 1pm--3pm
Franklin: | PAX: 3pm--6pm
North Pueblo: | Mtn High Suckers: 4pm--6pm

September 24th:

Pearl: | Kaviar: 12pm--2pm
Larimer: | The Clear: 3pm--5pm
Murray: | Mary's Medicinals: 4pm--6pm
Pearl: | Root Of It All 4pm--6pm

September 25th:

South Pueblo: | Mary's Medicinals: 1pm--3pm
Trinidad: | MedPharm/Become: 1pm--3pm
North Pueblo: | Mary's Medicinals: 4pm--6pm

September 26th:

Ft Collins: | Cannapunch/Highly Edible/Dutch Girl: 1pm--3pm
South Pueblo: | MedPharm/Become: 1pm--3pm
Pearl: | The Clear: 3pm--5pm
Ft Collins: | Eureka: 4pm--6pm
Ft Collins: | TR Concentrates: 4pm--6pm
Ft Collins: | Root Of It All: 4pm--6pm
Ft Collins: | Cannamerica: 4pm--6pm
North Pueblo: | MedPharm/Become: 4pm--6pm

September 27th:

Broadway: | Coda: 3pm--6pm
Larimer: | Green Dot: 3pm--6pm
Evans: | Mtn High Suckers: 3pm--5pm
Garden City: | TR Concentrates: 4pm--6pm
Garden City: | Root Of It All: 4pm--6pm
Garden City: | Cannamerica: 4pm--6pm
Ft Collins: | MedPharm/Become: 4pm--6pm

September 28th:

Franklin: | Blue Kudu:11am--2pm
Stapleton: | Blue Kudu: 3pm--6pm