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LivWell Rewards

We don't take loyalty lightly.

With LivWell Rewards, the more you get the more we give.

You’ll earn one point for every $1.00 you spend at LivWell that you can use as Rewards credit on future purchases. You’ll also earn 100 points for signing up and 200 points on your birthday**. Become a LivWell Medical Member and receive 200 Rewards points, plus an additional 100 points each consecutive month you remain a LivWell Medical Member.

One hundred points is worth $5.00 in Rewards credit that you can spend on any items in the store.* But don’t wait! Your points and Rewards credit will expire 180 days after you earn them, so be sure to take advantage of your rewards and enjoy your savings.

LivWell Rewards members can also choose to receive exclusive news, promotions, and specials sent directly to their email inbox or mobile phone. Become a member today and stay on top of all things LivWell.

LivWell Rewards is available to all customers and patients. Patients do not need to be medical members with LivWell to participate. We may from time to time make special offers to you, and we reserve the right to prohibit points from being used on those offers. Points will only be converted in 100 point increments as $5 Rewards credit. Rewards credits will be only be redeemed in $1 increments. Points are earned on gift card redemptions, but not purchases.

*For LivWell Springfield, LivWell Rewards points may only be used on non-medicated items, including glass, accessories, and apparel. **Birthday points expire on the last day of the month they were issued.

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