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Medical Member Benefits

Membership has its benefits.

At LivWell, we’re more than just a dispensary. We’re scientists, inventors, farmers, and your one-stop cannabis shop. When it comes to high-quality concentrates, edibles, glass, and premium flower strains, our prices are so good you’ll be able to LivWell for less.

When you sign up to become a LivWell medical member, you’ll receive 200 points ($10 Rewards Credit) in your LivWell Rewards account. This is only available once per patient.

For every month you remain a LivWell medical member, you will get 100 points ($5 Rewards Credit) on the 1st of the month.

After being a LivWell medical member for 12 months, we’ll reward you with 200 points ($10 Rewards Credit).

All points have the standard 180-day expiration.

To become a LivWell medical member, simply bring your Colorado medical marijuana registry card and accompanying paperwork to your nearest LivWell dispensary and let our staff know you wish to join. They will walk you through the simple, minutes-long process

LivWell is the industry leader in quality, price, and selection. LivWell’s locations offer a wide variety of products, strains, and brands to ensure we meet the needs of our patients. LivWell budtenders are highly informed and friendly, always willing to take the time to explain to our patients the properties of each cannabis product and how to use it properly.

Sign up with LivWell and enjoy the benefits of membership! The entire store is discounted for members, including:

10% off Shelf Flower
20% off Concentrates
20% off Edibles
20% off Topicals
20% off Accessories
20% off Glass
20% off Apparel

Member Benefits are available at all locations, not just where you sign up.