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LivWell on Murray

LivWell on Murray


570 N Murray Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80915

T. 719-574-8443

Hours 9:00am - 6:50pm Daily

Our Murray location first opened its doors as a medical marijuana dispensary on January 1st of 2014. Utilizing the building of what was once a Blockbuster, we were able to completely remodel the facility, building out a truly unique and vibrant cannabis dispensary that prioritized customer-friendly form and function.

Recruiting employees from both of our existing Colorado Springs locations, we made sure that LivWell’s culture and values were ingrained into this Colorado Springs weed dispensary since day 1. At Murray it is our #1 priority to make sure that you, as a patient, leave our pot shop with a smile and with the proper medical marijuana to help your ailments. We pride ourselves on maintaining close relationships with patients, and always try our absolute best to fulfill any specific requests.

With one of the most diverse selections of cannabis, edibles, concentrates, apparel, and smoking accessories in the region, we guarantee you will find something to fit your particular needs. Please stop by our medical marijuana dispensary today and give us a chance to enrich your life!