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The Best Portable Vaporizers for Loose-Leaf and Extracts

PAX Vaporizers and Concentrates

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PAX Labs, Inc., is leading the reinvention of the smoking experience with our innovative, premium vaporizers.

PAX Labs is making smoking obsolete. Founded in 2007 by two Stanford graduates, the company is a leader in portable heat-not-burn, vaporization technology.
PAX Labs has revolutionized the smoking industry by offering new, heat-non-burn experiences. Drawing on the successful business and technology design of JUUL, PAX Era, a seamless extract pod system for extracts, was introduced in September 2016.
Headquartered in San Francisco, PAX Labs is disrupting one of the world’s largest and oldest industries and improving the lives of millions of people.

A vaporizing system that has been honed to perfection

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