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Though Quest is new, Our Team is Not….

If you’re looking for live resin or gourmet shatters and waxes, Quest Concentrates’ products cannot be surpassed. Just like “Kind Bill” Fenger’s radical live resin process, Quest has revolutionized the wax and shatter scene by combining and distilling their cannabis to create something truly special. Throw in a medical grade facility, the highest-quality distillers, temperature control systems, and sleek client-first packaging, and you’ve got a premier concentrate producer. Quest Concentrates crafts a variety of delicious shatters, waxes, and sugars to smoke, dab, vape, or sprinkle across the surface of any given flower. Quest Concentrates offers live versions of their budders and sugars, each as aromatic as its original plant form. Even the most discerning concentrate lovers can’t go wrong with Quest Concentrates, the home of live resin.

Had a gram of their Syner-G Shatter and it was easily one of the most tasty and clean concentrate I’ve ever hit. I’ve toured through Denver hitting tons of dispensaries and this stuff really caught my eye. Def recommend

LiamLo, Weedmaps
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