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2329 Olympic Street
Springfield, OR 97477

LivWell Oregon

Family-owned, locally-sourced, and passionate people.

LivWell Springfield is the company’s first location outside of Colorado, but we made sure to bring the excellent customer service, wide variety of products, and affordable prices for which we are so well-known with us to Oregon.

We put just as much care in training our budtenders to be the most knowledgeable in the industry as we do in designing a comfortable retail space for customers from all walks of life. All of our employees enjoy two weeks of intensive training so that they can answer your toughest questions and lead you to your ideal cannabis experience. Operating dispensaries since 2009 has given us a wealth of experience, and we are proud to deliver the benefits of our expertise to each and every customer.

Located at 2329 Olympic St., just minutes from the University of Oregon, Clearwater Park, and the official Simpson’s mural, LivWell Springfield is your one-stop-shop for all things cannabis, including flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals, tinctures, accessories, glass, and more. Visit us today and see why so many people are choosing to LivWell.

We are proud to carry the best brands Oregon has to offer.

Gummies:Wana, Sour Bhotz, Smokiez
Chocolate: Gron, Baker Bros, Chalice Farms, Lunchbox (Squibs), Peak Extracts
Drinks: Mirth, Vitonic
Pills: Marys, Sun God, Lunchbox Ammo
Baked Goods: Lunchbox Macaroon, Laurie and Mary Janes, Wana Caramel
Tincture: Marys, Sun God
Hard Candy: Smokiez, Wana, Mr. Moxies Mints, Lunchbox Alchemy
Shatter: Boom, Lunchbox Alchemy, Proper Extracts
Wax: Oregrown, Boom, Lunchbox Alchemy, Golden XTRX
Cartridges: Select Extracts, Pax Era, The Clear, Lunchbox Alchemy, Golden XTRX, Proper Extracts
THC-A Crystalline: Select
Dab Jars: The Clear, Select
Live Resin: Dirty Arm Farm
Syringe: Golden XTRX
Lotion: Marys, Sacred Herb, Apothecanna
Patch: Marys
Balm/Salve: Marys, Peak Extracts, Sacred Herb
Bath Soak: Sacred Herb
Pre-Weigh: Willies Reserve, Marley Naturals
Shelf Flower Yerba Buena, NW Kind, Chalice Farms, Sovereign
Pre-Rolls: THC Factory, Willies Reserve
Ounce Specials: Evrgreen (Samuel)