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A line of functional cannabis products formulated to satisfy your specific needs and desires. Cannabis Tablets. Fast-Acting. Accurately dosed. Consistent.

A great cannabis experience should begin with a feeling of certainty. With STRATOS immediate release tablets, not only can you expect a rapid onset of effects, but you can be sure your experience with Sleep, Relax and Energy will yield the same effect every time you enjoy them. We take a scientific approach in our manufacturing processes employing pharmaceutical industry benchmark standards to ensure reproducible, consistent results. The bioavailability of tablets is greater than that of cannabis infused food items. Tablet technology ensures that more of the dose you ingest is absorbed in the body. Sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan friendly.

Its a great product! Discreet and simple. Best edible for the new generation of cannabis consumers....and the old generation.... like me!

Lisa Marie Cromwell, Facebook
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