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The largest cannabis selection in Colorado. The top marijuana brands at affordable prices and convenient locations all across Colorado.

Dispensary Locations

15 dispensaries near you serving medical and recreational consumers throughout Colorado and Oregon.

Cannabis Careers

Industry-leading benefits, competitive pay and more. Some people choose to live, we choose to LivWell.

Flower pricing

LivWell is proud to be one of the few dispensaries that still takes the time to hand-weigh our flower right in front of the customer, and have pre-weigh selections ready to go.

LivWell Enlightened Health

Our highly-trained staff ensure that only the finest cannabis ends up on our shelves, and we emphasize quality throughout every aspect of our business. With dispensary locations in Denver, Colorado Springs, Lakewood, Garden City, Mancos, Cortez, Trinidad, and Springfield Oregon. We have you covered.

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Customer reviews

What they have to say:

Another great experience at LivWell!! Me and several friends agree that the fun, friendly and knowledgeable staff coupled with an extensive and excellent line of products make visiting LivWell an educational and enjoyable experience! Seriously! And while all their staff have been great, Joseph was so helpful with great recommendations, I suggest that you look him up!

Gar V. - YELP
Pot Guide

Absolutely recommend everyone stop in and check it out! LivWell has a huge selection and is always the lowest priced highest quality in Colorado from flower, concentrates to edibles definitely worth it every time never disappointed im 100% a loyal satisfied customer... Thanks everyone at Livwell appreciate the love.

ColoradoToker - PotGuide

This place is great. I come here often for their specials but never been disappointed in what I went home with. My budtender this time was Johnnie C. and he was nice, knowledgeable, and knew what I wanted right away. Definitely recommend this place to my family and friends.

BurrCO - Leafly