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The largest cannabis selection in Colorado. The top marijuana brands at affordable prices and convenient locations all across Colorado.

Dispensary Locations

15 marijuana dispensary locations near you serving medical and recreational consumers throughout Colorado and Oregon.

Cannabis Careers

Industry-leading benefits, competitive pay and more. Some people choose to live, we choose to LivWell.

Flower pricing

LivWell is proud to be one of the few dispensaries that still takes the time to hand-weigh our flower right in front of the customer, and have pre-weigh selections ready to go.

Welcome to LivWell

Our highly-trained staff ensure that only the finest cannabis ends up on our shelves, and we emphasize quality throughout every aspect of our business. With dispensary locations in Denver, Colorado Springs, Lakewood, Garden City, Mancos, Cortez, Trinidad, and Springfield Oregon. We have you covered.

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Infusiasm product Line

Infusiasm is Available at LivWell Colorado Dispensary Locations.

At Infusiasm, we pride ourselves in using only premium quality ingredients and fully-activated cannabis oils in every infused product we make.

We source only the finest cannabis from our farm chosen for their terpene and cannabinoid content. Our highly-trained technicians use the latest science and technology to produce exceptional extracts.

All of our products are tested at multiple independent laboratories to ensure quality and wholesomeness.

Full bud flower at a fair price

3 Grades of Flower

For those looking to get the most value for their purchase, we have flower options that won't break the bank. We also have our higher-quality Gold Shelf flower, which is hand-weighed right in front of you. Our Platinum shelf is the top shelf and coveted by connoisseurs. Check out pricing and what strains are in rotation here.

Recreational eighths starting at $20, ounces at $89.99 for our Loyalty Members.

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UNPARALLELED Selection of the

Industry's Top Marijuana Brands

Patron reviews

What they have to say:

LivWell-Evans is my favorite LivWell location. The dispensary is modern and open offering a wide variety of products. The staff is very knowledgable and friendly. LivWell also just released Faded by LivWell clothing line for all the stoners looking to showcase their love for cannabis in a chic way!

The new 2 for $20.00 joints are also my favorite and smoke really well - you don't lose out on flower like you do with a lot of other pre-rolls.

Lucy D - YELP
Pot Guide

They have always have a great staff! I try to shop there when I do want some good cartridges!! The selection is always good. It is close to my house also!

Stacey M - PotGuide

My fiancé and I LOVE this place so much! Every bud tender we’ve had has been patient, knowledgeable and personable. We even stopped in on 4/20 when it was crazy busy and everyone on staff was working as a team to help everyone, staff and customers alike. I love this place and I really feel like they are not only putting out amazing, high quality products but they are also giving out great vibes and nothin but love!

rebeccathwing - Leafly