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Infused Caramels. Creamy and delicious.

FullMelt Caramels

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Full Melt’s latest creation is a new twist on a classic confection. Full Melt Caramels are premium edible treats made with the best ingredients, including our own blend of premium hash oil. They are rigorously tested in our labs and by third-parties for their quality and potency.

Our mission is to create delicious, high-quality cannabis confections, use wholesome ingredients, push the boundaries of edible innovation, and to guarantee the quality, consistency, and potency of our products. Available in 100MG THC, 20 to 1 CBD, and for a limited time, Pumpkin Spice!

I couldn't believe how authentic these caramels tasted. You can tell they're made from quality ingredients!

Aidan K.
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